Surgical Complications of Commonality

Plastic surgery consultationsplastic surgery consultation and procedures gain more and more popularity every passing year. Everyone seems to forget the surgical part of this process, you know, the part when you get cut open. The biggest stars have access to the best surgeons and head up the trend with beauty and stardom, convincing nearly everyone to go into surgery for problem or another. The idea is tantalizing and attractive in more ways than a blog post can explain, but what often escapes the celebrity centered marketing campaign of these procedures are the risks involved.

Massive Skin Cell Death

Nicotine saps oxygen from the skin, so smokers are even more at risk for this terrible side effect. Necrosis can happen with just about every plastic surgery out there and can only be effectively avoided by working with a highly experienced surgeon. Essentially its massive skin cell death after moving the shape and changing cells too much, the look of necrosis can leave patients devastated and in need of repairs.

Bodily Fluids Out of Place

Another common riskseroma that patients don’t seem to be to familiar with is the seroma. Definitely a side effect to ask your surgeon about: Its compares to the hematoma as it also involves something in the body out of place. Seroma can happen often with tummy tucks, it used to be such a commonly occurring problem that surgeons have developed a method to lesson the chances of it happening during surgery with a specially designed drain.

Just glancing over some of these risks that may potentially occur makes you much more aware than most patients getting these procedures. Research your specific surgery, ask your doctor as many questions as needed, and do whatever you need to to feel comfortable with your surgery. Don’t become another example of poor practitioners and inexperienced doctors, there’s complications both aesthetically and medically to consider! The thing to keep in mind is that someone is in fact slicing you open and changing up some serious tissue arrangements, the likelihood of complications is a bit higher than just ordering some makeup or the new p90x workout program.

Misplaced Blood

In simple terms a hematoma is a pool of blood outside of where its supposed to be, but still within the body. Its not surprising to find a single patient who knows what a hematoma is. This should be proof enough of how blindly we as a populous flood towards these procedures as a quick solution. Often requiring a second surgery to treat the hematoma, this complication is ugly and occurs most often with the face lifts.